"Employment Quality Report of 2013 Graduates from Southeast University” is Released

Southeast University officially released the “Employment Quality Report of 2013 Graduates” on the Employment Information Network on February of 2014 on the basis of the “Notification from the General Office of Ministry of Education on Publishing the Annual Report of the Quality of Employment of University Graduates”, and the sprit of the network video meeting on the 2014 employment work in colleges and universities.

The Report introduced the basic information of the 2013 employment work of our university, analyzed on the employment situation, choices of graduates, characteristics of the trade structures, made a comparison with the employment work of 2012, and presented the specific practice of our current work together with our thoughts about future work.

According to the Report, the employment rate of the 2013 graduates reached 98.32% by the end of the year, among which the rate of postgraduate students reached 98.09%, while the rate of graduate students reached 98.60%. The 2013 graduates are already fully and satisfactorily employed with high-quality jobs as before.